💣 Bomblox  

A game about blowing things up and knocking things down. It's only 1 level right now. Collect all the gold-blocks - if you run out of cannonballs its game over. 

🕹️ Controls:

SPACEBAR      Fire a shot. Hold it down for a more powerful shot
MOUSE1        Navigate the camera

❤️ About

Heavily inspired by the 2008 Boomblox. It was a great learning experience overall, and we can hopefully build off of what we did here in a future quarter.

👨‍🚀 Crew

  • Andrew on Programming
  • Nahome on Game Design
  • Ryan on Production
  • Tony on Programming
Made withUnity
Tagsblocks, Physics, Unity


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I very much enjoy the sound effects and the feel of the game (though the sound for the tnt can be a bit surprising). 

I think I got a fun bug where the tnt might have exploded twice!

But yeah, as mentioned, there are the bugs where the game isn't replayable unless reloaded. Still, a fun experience!

The UI and effects feel a lot cooler since the last time I saw the game. It has a lot of really cool game feel with when the blocks give you points. It would be nice if there was some in game indication of controls and how hard your shot will be.

You might want to remove the itch fullscreen button since it blocks the unity fullscreen button. 
Restarting the game seems to prevent the canon balls from firing.

I'm curious, did you get to try the early play-testing iteration cycle you were looking to do?

Thanks for the feedback! I might be able to upload a patched version.

As for the play-testing-iteration stuff; we tried, and we got some valuable feedback, but the problem was that we found out everything we needed to improve in the first couple of weeks, and the rest of the quarter was spent on those issues lol.

Overall? That kind of iterative dev-style would be great if we had just been doing level design. But I realized, as a programmer, that easy level-creation is a whole other thing, especially if half the team doesn't have experience with Unity.

I could probably spend an entire quarter just making a polished level-editor.